Truck Routing

Web Service designed to calculate alternative routes that meets specific restrictions and avoids going through stretches with size, weight or hazardous goods. Functional on the European road network

  • Calculates the fastest alternative route, according to the physical characteristics and the speed of the truck.
  • Gets the suitable routes for hazardous goods transportation, obtained in agreement of Red de Itinerarios de Mercancías Peligrosas de España (RIMP).
  • Presents detailed results with a monitoring diagram that facilitates driving.
  • Knows the points of interest on the route: service stations , mountain passes , road incidents, works, ...
  • Ability to integrate the service in the fleet’s management company application.
  • Visualization on the Europe’s road map:
    • Stretches affecting truck restrictions
    • Preferred and forbidden stretches for hazardous goods circulation
    • Spots with constraints
    • Milestones along the Spanish routes
Ejemplo Report

Results in a few steps: