City Planning Geo-Portal

Web information service to citizens and urban professionals, with:

  • Joint query of cartography, rules and figures of urban planning.
  • Technical topographic mapping, aerial photography, cadastre and service networks.
  • Address search engine, cadastral references and planning sectors.

Advantages for the City Council

  • Reports directly to citizens and professionals of the changes that occur in the planning.
  • Improves the response time for requests of planning information.
  • Decrease the on-site requests in the municipal offices.
  • Direct Control of the information published. Improvement in the management of the technicians.

Advantages for the user

  • Prevents unnecessary travel and reduces the response time for information requests.
  • Joint query of urban planning with its associated data, including the official record of Planejament de Catalunya.
  • Updated information on the changes that occur in the planning.